BMS Electrical Services Limited were responsible for the Electrical Installation works associated with a new conveyor system. This involved the design, manufacture of the Control Panels (all via HMI’s) and the complete electrical site installation. 

The Control Panels and Field Wiring controlled conveyors stretching over 1100 Mtrs.

Conveyor from Feed Hoppers

Overland Conveyors

Container - Housing Control Systems

Conveyors Interchange Point

4 off containers supplied and fitted containing Control Panels, Methane Gas Detection Systems, Full intruder alarm system. All Control Panels fitted with HMI touch Screen Mimics allowing operators to see full functuality of system at various designated control points.

All PLC's networked back to Main Control 1.1Km away. Using Telemetry Interface to Driver Loading the Trains from the Rail Head Stockpile.